Jan. 7th, 2009

dreamtrance: (*Joel - one by one)
so, 2009 huh. Kinda freaky to look at that number and realize that in less than a year there wont be two zeroes in the middle anymore.

I had a dream last night that I was trying to fill out this huge stack of forms but every time I went to fill in a date it already had the 19__ for the century and I was getting very very frustrated. Random.

So much happened in 2008 that it feels like it should have been more time, but when I actually think about it there really were only 12 months in the year. Even if there was an extra day in there. Hell, a year ago this time I was getting moved into my house. On one hand it hardly feels like I've been here very long and on the other it feels like longer. But I suppose that's how a lot of things are. Work feels even more like that. Its only been just over 2 years but some days I feel like I've been there a lot longer and others I feel very very new.

Hmm some random thoughts for the morning. now I'm off to the aforementioned job. :)

have a good day!

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