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Apparently I'm being hit with a serious case of nostalgia. Probably how I got my butt back here. Started looking around and I even went back and started reading some of the old pic I wrote. Its almost hard for me to believe I wrote some of it. Wow. But, yeah. In the latest bit of nostalgia I actually felt the need to listen to Lostprophets. I wasn't sure that I could ever go back to the music but I hoped so. These albums were some of my favorites and the rest of the band were't horrible human beings. Kind of glad I didn't destroy everything I had now.

Looking back I realize how much I miss some of the people I used to talk to regularly. I've been trying really hard lately to make a point to talk to the people I care about. I have gotten really good at just living and losing touch. So I'm working on it. Gotta start somewhere right?

On another interesting side not Good Charlotte is back. Interesting timing for sure ...
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wow. what a blast from the past. I can't even count the number of times I've thought I should start posting again and yet .... never happens.

I suppose it's just a wait and see game at this point.
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"If everything in your life went exactly as planned you would get bored with it. You have to have some bad days so you can fully appreciate the good ones"

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Yay I got my car back and it's all better!

A couple weeks ago I went to Valvoline to get an oil change before we went to Indianapolis for the weekend. We noticed on the way that the passenger door wouldn't open all of the way, it would catch on the fender. We just dealt with it and I figured I'd have it looked at when we got back. During the drive back when I stopped to get gas I noticed something silver sticking out under the hood. Fucking Valvoline had left a wrench under my hood and closed it on it. $1000 worth of repairs and a week of a rental car later it's fixed on their dime. Not getting my oil changed there anymore.

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I think I just met the prince of idiots. As I walked out of the post office a guy in an Escalade pulled up. I was annoyed because he blocked me from backing out. He hops out of the SUV to run up to the mailbox and it immediately began to drive itself backward. I kindly pointed out to the guy that his car was driving away without him. He ran to catch it and managed to before it hit anything. He then decided to actually park. Maybe he should have actually tried that the first time. Moron. At least he didn't cause any damage.

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why are they called ice 'cubes' when they are rarely, if ever, actual cubes?
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I'm looking through my friends page and totally blanking on who is who for a lot of these names. I'm wondering how many people have changed their LJ names and I totally missed it.

So here's a request from you kickass people on my friends list. Give me a heads up on your name, or what I might have known you by and maybe why/how we met? what fandom and all that jazz?

I would be extremely grateful. I'd love to get back in touch with people but when I'm stumbling for who is who it makes it tough.


Jun. 4th, 2011 11:56 am
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My favorite highschool teacher dies Thursday. It's feeling a bit surreal to me. Not only was he my favorite he had a lot to do with the person I became academically. I had him for both AP Chemistry and Physics. That Physics class was probably my favorite ever. He was very big on how Physics relates to the real world. That, to me, really hit home and solidified where I wanted to go with my life.

One of my favorite memories of him didn't happen in highschool. When I was in the Spartan Brass at Michigan State he did stats at the men's basketball games. Every game I was in the band for he stopped by to say hi an bring me a program and check up on me. Not only was he one of my favorite teachers I think I was one of his favorite students.

Mr DuByne I will never forget how you shaped my life and what you have meant to me. You will be misses.

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Wow its been a while.

I seem to always do this. Go forever without post then I pop in say I'm going to get better then disappear again. I would not be shocked if that happens again but I suppose we'll see?

I kinda got slapped in the face with a realization the other night about how I've fallen out of touch with some people that I really care about, one person in particular. We've talked about it and I think that's the most important step to fixing things. It also got me thinking about LJ and how much fun this used to be. I think I've come to realize why I kinda pushed it aside. Maybe now I can find my way back? I guess there's only one way to find out!

note to self: update the layout and icons later. that might be fun :)
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why is it I only think of livejournal at 4AM when I can't sleep or when I'm so freaking pissed off I want to scream? or when I'm somewhere good but don't exactly have a chance to sit down and post about it?

good questions.
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And now its back to reality.

Part of me is okay with this. Ready to get back to the normal routine and back on track to lose some weight and get in shape.

But part of me is kicking and screaming and protesting hardcore. Well that and really really wanting to go back to sleep. Sleep is good.

yes, its Monday morning. Hello world.
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The White Tie Affiar
Day 1 - St Andrews Hall, Detroit

pre-show stuff )

the show )

meet & greet )
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sooo ... I haven't been here in for freaking ever. shockingly enough my friends haven't all bailed on me :) In case anyone is paying any attention I just want to say that the next few posts are all going to be about the 2 concerts I (and Ang) went to Wednesday and Thursday. So its really going to be all re-cap and pictures and the like. So feel free to just keep scrolling if you're not interested.

And I might be back. we'll see.
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so, 2009 huh. Kinda freaky to look at that number and realize that in less than a year there wont be two zeroes in the middle anymore.

I had a dream last night that I was trying to fill out this huge stack of forms but every time I went to fill in a date it already had the 19__ for the century and I was getting very very frustrated. Random.

So much happened in 2008 that it feels like it should have been more time, but when I actually think about it there really were only 12 months in the year. Even if there was an extra day in there. Hell, a year ago this time I was getting moved into my house. On one hand it hardly feels like I've been here very long and on the other it feels like longer. But I suppose that's how a lot of things are. Work feels even more like that. Its only been just over 2 years but some days I feel like I've been there a lot longer and others I feel very very new.

Hmm some random thoughts for the morning. now I'm off to the aforementioned job. :)

have a good day!
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Good morning Livejournal. Hard to believe its the last day of 2008. Amazing how time flies when you're having fun. Hell time seems to fly regardless of the fun level but its way better to believe the fun-ness helps. Or at least contributes. Makes the fly-age easier to stomach.

Been a crazy year and I've been completely MIA. This is me telling myself I need to kick myself in the ass and at least poke my head in here more. No promises but we'll see what happens.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe night tonight and the best to everyone in 2009. Here's to the ending of a fun year and the start of hopefully a great one.
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Good morning livejournal!
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I'm going to be a horrible rotten evil person and not cut this

John, Bryan (me) Martin, Paul.

hee. such awesome sweet boys
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So .. before I go crawl into bed and pass out there's a couple stuffs I wanna write down.

Overall - concert tonight was fucking awesome! Four bands whom I greatly enjoyed all four of them and I just ... didn't want it to end.

gonna start at the beginning and work my way through

1st: meet & greet with Boys Like Girls )

2nd: The Maine )

3rd: Metro Station )

I'm doing this one out of order because I want to save GC for last.

4th: Boys Like Girls )

5th: (and most important) Good Charlotte )

I'm drawing a blank now so I think thats my cue to get my ass to bed. We took a couple pictures, and have the M&G pictures so once we get them back (we still use 35mm film) I'll get them posted and if I have more to say once I'm coherent I'll do that :)

Man I've missed them so much. Such a great night and I still love me some GC. And Joel, you're definitely still my favorite :D
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"You don't have to drive me crazy .... I'm close enough to walk."

5 days 'til Good Charlotte!
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