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"If everything in your life went exactly as planned you would get bored with it. You have to have some bad days so you can fully appreciate the good ones"

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Yay I got my car back and it's all better!

A couple weeks ago I went to Valvoline to get an oil change before we went to Indianapolis for the weekend. We noticed on the way that the passenger door wouldn't open all of the way, it would catch on the fender. We just dealt with it and I figured I'd have it looked at when we got back. During the drive back when I stopped to get gas I noticed something silver sticking out under the hood. Fucking Valvoline had left a wrench under my hood and closed it on it. $1000 worth of repairs and a week of a rental car later it's fixed on their dime. Not getting my oil changed there anymore.

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I think I just met the prince of idiots. As I walked out of the post office a guy in an Escalade pulled up. I was annoyed because he blocked me from backing out. He hops out of the SUV to run up to the mailbox and it immediately began to drive itself backward. I kindly pointed out to the guy that his car was driving away without him. He ran to catch it and managed to before it hit anything. He then decided to actually park. Maybe he should have actually tried that the first time. Moron. At least he didn't cause any damage.

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Jun. 4th, 2011 11:56 am
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My favorite highschool teacher dies Thursday. It's feeling a bit surreal to me. Not only was he my favorite he had a lot to do with the person I became academically. I had him for both AP Chemistry and Physics. That Physics class was probably my favorite ever. He was very big on how Physics relates to the real world. That, to me, really hit home and solidified where I wanted to go with my life.

One of my favorite memories of him didn't happen in highschool. When I was in the Spartan Brass at Michigan State he did stats at the men's basketball games. Every game I was in the band for he stopped by to say hi an bring me a program and check up on me. Not only was he one of my favorite teachers I think I was one of his favorite students.

Mr DuByne I will never forget how you shaped my life and what you have meant to me. You will be misses.

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