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when you think you're falling just get up, just get up

I can hear you calling don't give up, don't give up

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Birthdate:Mar 9
Location:Lansing, Michigan, United States of America
Website:The Curious Cupcake @ Etsy


thats all that needs to be said.

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CK (aka. Kelly) is mildly insane and not ashamed to admit it. She is often found carrying on lengthy conversations with one of her best buddies, action!figure!Benji. And on a good day action!figure!Joel joins in the fun. They often discuss her wide array of icons and the fact that there are more Joel than Benji. She often attempts to remedy this however usually fails. While the action figure boys are napping she spends time creating lovely layouts and once in a great while earning a paycheck. She also has a thing for stars.

Strengths: Typo queen. She can decipher almost any typo, most likely because she was the one who came up with it first. Often quick with a witty (or more often not-so witty) comment. Always late to the party but she brings the fun. A great listener, as long as you're not an action figure. And bringer of the pretty. She likes to share "a lot"

Weaknesses: Canadians. they get her every time. Some boys from some band - something about a Charlotte? She likes that lead singer boy - the emo one. and his twin brother - the hot one. She also has a thing for a Kirkpatrick, even if he has fallen off the face of the earth.
Peas are bad. Very bad.

Special Skills: the 100x100 userpic - also known as ICON. can break or fix any computer within a 100 mile radius. either that or can turn it into a massive projectile. whichever is more convenient. Procrastinator.

Weapons: Paint Shop Pro. sparkly pencils. pink fonts. lj-cut tag. html code. 10" action figures. insanity.

Pet Peeves: people who 'steal' icons and claim they didn't. people who beg for graphics instead of just asking. people who assume they know what you're talking about when they really have no clue. pencils that break. peas. I hate peas.

Tagline: reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one

Life Goal: to take over hell and make Satan cry.


I have the best friends in the world

It affects everyone

It doesn't discriminate
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