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So .. before I go crawl into bed and pass out there's a couple stuffs I wanna write down.

Overall - concert tonight was fucking awesome! Four bands whom I greatly enjoyed all four of them and I just ... didn't want it to end.

gonna start at the beginning and work my way through

1st: meet & greet with Boys Like Girls.

Well really first of all I fucking hate construction and directions sites that dont account for it. We left with plenty of time to get there and had over half an hour to spare. That went out the window when first it took us half an hour to go five miles and then we get downtown Detroit and the freaking highway we needed to be on was closed. We were supposed to be there no later than 4:30 to get in to the meet & greet - we didn't even park until 5:05. Fortunately we found the group and they hadn't gone in yet. The guy with the wristbands showed up and we got them with 10 minutes to spare before we went it.

It was kinda funny. We were just standing there in a line la di da and then Ang is like "oh they're right there." Here I am just zoning and looking around and the guys are already coming down the line signing autographs. At least John was nice enough to wait until I got my shit together for him to sign our stuff. He did get a chuckle out of it though. Bryan has a beautiful new tattoo. Its the cassette tape that they're using for a logo for the tour (see icon) and it has the beginning and end date of the tour in it. It looked really great and he said he just got it. Martin came down the line next and I pretty much drooled on myself. Boy is way prettier in person than in any photo or video. And holy shit is he tall! I was having the guys sign a build-a-bear shirt (like I did with FOB). To sign it he pretty much held my hand and when he finished he squeezed my hand and I think I melted heh. I had a fan-girl moment. Paul was last and he was so adorable. He had a stuffed zebra on his shoulder and the girls in front of us kept trying to get him to do pictures. He would say no because he'd get into trouble but then he'd do it anyway. It was way cute. Then we each got to individually do a picture with the guys. When I stepped up and snuggled between Bryan and Martin I got a Martin!hug and promptly melted again. Afterward I thanked him and got a big smile. Man is he adorable. Did I mention that already?

2nd: The Maine

So until a couple days ago I had no idea who these guys were. I listened to them on Rhapsody just to get a bit of exposure before the show and decided I liked them and bought the cd. I figured they'd be just your normal opening act - put on a good show, get a decent response and be done. Well that was SO not the case. These guys put on a great show. I was crazy impressed and not only that the crowd was way into them. Completely blew me away! Wouldn't have believed by the crowd response that they were this new. They've already got a great following, these guys are just going to become more awesome. I'm definitely going to have to keep track. Oh and the lead singer was just crazy cute. Him and his dancing around and just being ... well .. cute.

3rd: Metro Station

So going into this I was crazy curious to see Metro Station. I bought their CD and I fucking love it. I also think Mason is just too cute, for being a baby. I think he's like 19. Ugh. I wasn't sure how they would do on stage though since they have a lot of electronic in their music. Well they did awesome. Mason's outfit kinda cracked me up. He looked like a cross between .... Gerard Way and .... Michael Jackson. Only he was wearing pants that reminded me of Billy's red pants from the Little Things video. Those things are infamous. Anyway they were crazy awesome. I jumped around and rocked out so much I was soaked and winded by the end but so much damn fun. I definitely would like to see them again.

I'm doing this one out of order because I want to save GC for last.

4th: Boys Like Girls

I wasn't quite sure how they were going to be on stage. I love the CD but some of the songs are just kinda low key. Once again I was pleasantly surprised. Though I was very surprised when they did Hero/Heroine as the first .. I think it was first? song. I would have expected them to save it for later but hey, I enjoyed. I realized about three songs in that they seriously remind me of Anberlin. ESPECIALLY on stage. Martin was way into it and I was having fun watching John rock out on drums. Nothing like crazy shocking about them it was just very enjoyable. I was amused when during the last song the guitar tech took Martin's guitar and was rocking out with it while Martin went down in the crowd. Have I mentioned that Martin is adorable? He is.

5th: (and most important) Good Charlotte

I don't ... god I'm not even sure what the hell to say. I can't believe its been over 3 years since I've seen them live. Thats a long ass time. Yet at the same time I didn't feel disconnected or anything, which was nice. The moment they hit the stage I was just .. so damn happy. I missed those boys like crazy! They opened with the Anthem which .. if they ever didn't I'd probably wonder what was wrong, honestly. If I remember right The River was second. I ended up watching Billy for most of the song. He was seriously rocking Syn's guitar part and I was crazy impressed. Even moreso than I usually am with Billy. Yes, the Billy!love was blooming tonight. At one point one of the boys asked how many people this was their first GC show and I shit you not like 90% of the place raised their hands. And I thought Ottawa was bad! It showed though when they played anything that wasn't GMR. A lot of the fans didn't know the songs, but it didn't stop them from rocking out. Okay of all of the songs for them to play they did Little Things. shakes head. I just ... I have no words. That song just cracks me up and I have never thought it was quality. But it is fun. I enjoyed Bloody Valentine. I've never liked listening to that song on the CD but I greatly enjoy it live. They did Mountain which about undid me. I just remembered when I was at Edgefest, the first time I ever got to see them live, and they did it, saying it was the first time they performed it live. I was a bit teary and man do I love that song. Well then of course they decided that I was going to cry tonight and did Hold On right after. Granted it wouldn't be right if they didn't do Hold On. So I cried during the first verse but then rocked out harder than I think I did all night. The commentary was extremely amusing. Dance Floor Anthem was pretty awesome live. I wasn't sure how that was going to work out. ummm ...

I'm drawing a blank now so I think thats my cue to get my ass to bed. We took a couple pictures, and have the M&G pictures so once we get them back (we still use 35mm film) I'll get them posted and if I have more to say once I'm coherent I'll do that :)

Man I've missed them so much. Such a great night and I still love me some GC. And Joel, you're definitely still my favorite :D
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