Apr. 9th, 2016

dreamtrance: (*Joel - sing dreamtrance)
Apparently I'm being hit with a serious case of nostalgia. Probably how I got my butt back here. Started looking around and I even went back and started reading some of the old pic I wrote. Its almost hard for me to believe I wrote some of it. Wow. But, yeah. In the latest bit of nostalgia I actually felt the need to listen to Lostprophets. I wasn't sure that I could ever go back to the music but I hoped so. These albums were some of my favorites and the rest of the band were't horrible human beings. Kind of glad I didn't destroy everything I had now.

Looking back I realize how much I miss some of the people I used to talk to regularly. I've been trying really hard lately to make a point to talk to the people I care about. I have gotten really good at just living and losing touch. So I'm working on it. Gotta start somewhere right?

On another interesting side not Good Charlotte is back. Interesting timing for sure ...

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