Aug. 8th, 2008

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So .. before I go crawl into bed and pass out there's a couple stuffs I wanna write down.

Overall - concert tonight was fucking awesome! Four bands whom I greatly enjoyed all four of them and I just ... didn't want it to end.

gonna start at the beginning and work my way through

1st: meet & greet with Boys Like Girls )

2nd: The Maine )

3rd: Metro Station )

I'm doing this one out of order because I want to save GC for last.

4th: Boys Like Girls )

5th: (and most important) Good Charlotte )

I'm drawing a blank now so I think thats my cue to get my ass to bed. We took a couple pictures, and have the M&G pictures so once we get them back (we still use 35mm film) I'll get them posted and if I have more to say once I'm coherent I'll do that :)

Man I've missed them so much. Such a great night and I still love me some GC. And Joel, you're definitely still my favorite :D
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I'm going to be a horrible rotten evil person and not cut this

John, Bryan (me) Martin, Paul.

hee. such awesome sweet boys

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